in Journey

The beginning of the journey

I’ve been walking for years.

The journey began began somewhere between 1972 and 1974, I think.
I was in the middle of pretending that I was telling a secret. I’m not sure why, I can’t remember, as it happened when I was at primary school and I was very young.

How do you pretend to tell a secret? Well, I pretended to whisper into a friend’s ear, making a pretend whispering in the ear sound effect.

I recognised then that it was odd behaviour. The friend who I was pretending to whisper to apparently thought the same.

So there you go. My first memory of embarrassment. I distinctly remember not understanding why I wasn’t being understood, and that, dear reader, was the beginning of my journey.

It wasn’t my first memory, though.

My first memory was when I was still in a push-chair and my father had pushed me in to the middle of a frozen lake in winter.

My mum was not best pleased.

My next earliest memory was dangling upside-down and being whacked in the small of my back by my father because I bit a glass of Coke in a beer garden and it shattered in my mouth.

I’ll share more memories and thoughts of my journey, when I feel like it.