The stairs wouldn’t kill you (hint hint)

There aren’t many floors in our office and I’m trying my best not to fat shame but really, when you work on the first floor and don’t require use of heaving lifting equipment and/or walking stick then for fuck’s sake take the fucking stairs, you tubby shit.

Blinded by the light…

They’re called “Fog Lights”.
They are for use in the fog, it’s not a trick name.

The front fog lights are NOT to make your shitty little ‘hot-hatch’ look cool (especially if you turn the headlights off in favour of the front fog lights.

The rear fog lights? Well I guess you have a choice:
a. Turn them on when it is foggy and be a safe driver
b. Turn them on when it’s bastard raining and blind all drivers within half a mile behind you.

Have handbrakes been removed from cars these days? Do people have to rely on the foot brake when sitting still in traffic?