Annoyances (part one)

1. People who send in screenshots as embedded images in a Microsoft Word document.
2. Getting bitchy looks for holding a door open for someone.
3. People using the right-hand side of the staircase.
4. Jon Gaunt.
5. Podcasters who don’t know how to apply compression and/or level normalisation to audio with unusually high peaks and lows.
6. Podcasters who have adverts at significantly higher volume than the actual content.
7. People who phone you for technical support but are too hurried to either describe the problem properly or listen to your advice. Perhaps call back or email when less busy you twat?
8. Lemon curd.

Welcome to The Blank Planet

I’ve threatened to do a blog for some time, and here it is. There’s not much in the way of content, but along with my thoughts on matters that get me thinking there will be my friend Jones who will talk about his journey through life, past and present (quite possible in a random order).
– Davian