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That’s not really usable as a screenshot, Sir…

Sometimes when on the phone giving “world class support” for “zoo grade peanuts”, we need to ask for a screenshot. Occasionally we cannot connect remotely to the customer’s system but still need to get a decent picture of what the are seeing on the screen. Not that I’m saying that the customers are either stupid or lying, but generally speaking they often lie, and can be stupid. So, we ask for a screenshot. Whether you are poor and using Windows or an overpaid entitled prick with a Mac (I wish I could afford a Mac), it is pretty damn easy to get your computer to take a screenshot.
Why oh why do people still:
a. Send a Microsoft Word document with an embedded image
b. Use their mobile phone to take a photograph of the computer screen

It really can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back on any given day, I can tell you.