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You bought a Ford Consul in 1962? Here, have a Ford Focus RS..!

Okay, let it be said that I am not a fan of the current trend of companies bringing out new releases of the same product each year, especially when the ‘new’ version barely features a whiff of anything new and useful.
But security! GDPR! Oh shut up. These should be free, incremental updates to the application.

Having said that, when a customer who purchased AmazingDoItAll v1.0 in 1987 calls to complain that they are not entitled to a free update to AmazingDoItAll 2019 Edition I am driven to similar feelings of ‘Oh just FUCK OFF and pay up for the upgrade’…
If you bought a Ford Consul in 1962, would you expect a free upgrade to the latest Ford Tippex XL? I mean *really*.
Customers really do have an awful sense of entitlement. Funny how most of them seem to own iPhones.

Customers = Bastards